The Icon Studio of the Convent of St. Elizabeth produces Icons in all sizes. Icons are in strict Byzantine- or traditional Russian-style. For full or partial Church Iconography, large Icons can be produced on canvas and permanently applied to Church walls and ceilings. Our Icon studio has a well-known reputation for the beauty and refined artistic quality of its work, and this at the lowest prices available. We also provide Icon prints of our Icon productions.

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“Icons play a pivotal rôle in Orthodox living. As windows into the next world, they serve to teach us and to remind us of the importance of spiritual life. Without Icons, our Churches would very quickly become theaters full of spectators, rather than places where earth and Heaven meet, where Angels and Saints join us in worshipping the Creator, God, the Holy Trinity.”

A Guide to Orthodox Life
(Etna, CA: Center for Traditionalist
Orthodox Studies,
1996), p. 6.

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